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Knowing full well not everyone will see eye-to-eye I will post some of the emails I receive without revealing the author. Please note all quotes are accurately represented- even when the author doesn't spell correctly.

RJ says:

God said in Genesis 29: And look! I have given you the seed-bearing plants throughout the earth">

RJ says:

God said in Genesis 29: And look! I have given you the seed-bearing plants throughout the earth, and all the fruit trees for your food. Animals are tortured in factory farms and killed. Anybody with any feeling does not want to contribute animal torture and death by eating meat. Some people are trying to find an excuse for animal abuse and torture by quoting only one or two verses. If you read the Bible from cover to cover, you will find many verses that are expressions of God's love toward his creations (animals). Speaking against God's creations (animals) is just like spiting on God's face! 

Bob:  Obviously, RJ did not read much past the third chapter of Genesis . . .or this webpage!

RJ writes back:

If being a Christian is so cruel and heartless toward innocent defenseless animals, I don't want to be  a Christian!  I am a different kind of Christian who have love toward animals and I am proud to say that I am an ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST !  By visiting your web site I have nothing but outraged feeling!

Bob:  Imagine how real Christians feel after reading what your founder [Peter Singer] said about us?!  Well, RJ, we will pray for you.

RW writes:

While I believe Jesus was not a vegetarian, there is no where - absolutely no where in the bible does it say that obstaining from eating meat is harmful, sinful or evil.

If you want to find evil, look at the meat industry you are part of. It totally lacks the love and compassion that Christ taught us. They pollute, distroy (try and find clean rivers and streams in North Carolina where the pig farmers have ruined the water with manure run off). These who you defend must be paying you or you have some other vested intrest in promoting this evil.

But thank you for your enlightenment of the scriptures. Somehow I missed the part where you show you and your associates are good stewards of God's creation.

But whatinhell do I know? I am just a dumb vegetarian.

Bob:  Dear RW, you are somewhat correct in your first statement, but I clearly stated that in the Food Section.    Sorry, I do not get any compensation from anyone - geeze, not even donations. . .  My only vested interest is having Christians understand what discernment is all about.

S [ .02 Worth] writes:

Where did you get the idea that Animal rights REQUIRES vegetarianism or veganism?   I have several friends who are not vegetarians who are staunch advocates of animal rights.  For one thing, they always buy their meat and eggs from free range animals instead of factory farms where the animals are diseased and abused.

Bob:  Dear S [.02], advocates of animal rights - PeTA would be APPALLED knowing this!   Didn't you read their quotes?  Heck, McCarthy is on the outs because he apparently advocates some medical testing now.  Just imagine how they would feel about their devotees eating meat and eggs!

VL Writes:

At the time of Rapture, can we have your car?

Bob:  OK, but you might not like the scenery by that time.

VL Writes (for the third time):

As an "extreme Vegan" I have a few concerns with the misinformation and unchristian sentiments you are spewing from your site.  I take it by the tone of your ramblings that you are a literalist, One who follows the bible to the letter.  I think you should actually read a little bit of the book you claim to live by. You seemed to have skipped a few commandments.

Thou Shall Not Kill.
Not exemptions listed, do you have some other bible?

Thou shall not bear false witness.
I assume this applies to web sites also, right?

Bob:  OK, VL, yep, I admit to being a Christian, what are you?   I am afraid the two commandments you list refer to humans.  When animals are talked about in the commandments the word covet is used.  Oh, and VL, Bible is with a capital "B" - like everything else that is IMPORTANT.

XE writes:

Hello. :) I'm writing this email to make fun of you.

BobDear XE - give it your best shot.

1. God doesn't eat.

Bob:  Oh, XE, you didn't read: Matthew 9:10 "While Jesus was having dinner at Matthew's house. . . ."

2. You don't spell very well 

Bob:  Now this is a trick question?  All of the misspellings on this page are direct quotes from those who email me!

3. I had sex with a vegetarian while reading the Bible and laughing.

Bob:  Glad you enjoyed reading it!

4.  I understand you crazy right-wingers, honestly I do, but I still don't quite understand why you are so afraid of vegetarians.  They're not gonna make a recruit out of you (unlike those damned wiccans and homosexuals, right?  snatching children out of churchs)

Bob:  oops, I guess we are back to that misspelling thing . . .

5.  You're incredibly Russophobic and Germanophic and seem to be proud of it.    Yet you referred to Jewish people as Jews... racist pig. 

Bob:  You haven't seen the "Jews for Jesus" literature?

6.  Fish.  Lots and Lots of Fish.

Bob:  It seems evident you have been reading about the Sermon on the Mount? Good for the heart, too!!

7.  I'm surprised you follow the Bible so closely... do you shave? cut your hair? (have you reached puberty?) Does it say anywhere in the Bible that it's wrong to be a vegetarian?

Bob:  Obviously you did not read my food page.

8. Sex.  Lots and Lots of Sex.

Bob:  You have been reading Song of Songs [- you know the one right after Ecclesiastes], haven't you?

.  .  .  by the way. you're an extremist. 

Bob:  OK, if you say so.

BenS writes :

If we're not supposed to eat animals, how come they're made out of meat? 

Bob:  I'm with you Ben !!

MS writes: 

In the words of Richard Dawkins, "(humans) are no better than cockroaches."  You anthropoccentric bastard!"

Sherrie writes :

I am not an "animal rights activist", but find your web site offensive to true Christians. 

Bob:  Does that mean you are one?

Any time scriptures are twisted to fit the beliefs of the individual, it is appalling. 

Bob:  Agreed, that is what Christian Scientists, Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons do.

I don't have the time at the moment to give the exact scriptural reference, but I could certainly forward that at another time. 

Bob:  I will be waiting!

It is blasphemous to say that God eats red meat because God is and always has been a spirit and not eating anything fleshly or anything at all for that matter!!   For many centuries, Jews did not eat red meat.  Although the Bible does provide strict laws on the types of meat that could be eaten (i.e. animals with hooves were unlawful and animals that chew their cud were unlawful) - most Jews preferred to refrain from meat entirely.  Since Jesus was a Jew - he was also under Law not to eat certain meats as above.   In order to keep from stumbling others, he very likely refrained from eating meat as well - even if it was approved under the Mosaic Law.   Are you saying Jesus is not God?  What kind of "christian' are you?

__gee writes:

Please answer honestly - Are you really as evil and ignorant as you represent yourself to be, or are you playing devil's advocate? 
Bob:  Please show me in the Bible where I am incorrect and I will amend my ways.

S&J write:

Okay I'm rolling over laughing at your web site, thanks for the laugh...and I really and sincerely hope that you don't think God eats food at all, especially animals like yourself.
Bob:  I am shocked...are you suggesting that Jesus didn't eat anything while he graced this earth?

J writes:

I am a past president of our local Humane Society and let me state right away that, while I am not as fervent regarding your views of the bible vs. animal activism, I more or less agree with most of what you say. However, please do not lump all animal rights organizations together. Bob:  Dear J - you are either an animal welfare or animal rights advocate.  For instance, you state regarding something a PETA member said referring to the immoral keeping of pets:

If it were not for the rantings and ravings of Ingrid, we sure would not know what the animal rights movement would really want, would we?  I should be shirking my duties if I did not tell you that the extremists constantly say Ingrid was misquoted on the Harper's piece, but she has never recanted it herself!     Boy, wouldn't that hurt fundraising if the general public really knew what HSUS and PeTA were really about?

On the contrary, the HSUS and virtually all "Humane Societies" advocate the responsible ownership of pets.  Without pets, my life would be incomplete, and every single member of our humane society, and the Hmane Society of the United States feels the same way. 

The bible clearly states that we were given "dominion" over the animals. I choose to soften that to "guardianship" as I really don't think God intended for us to use animals for any purpose whatsoever (i.e. cockfighting, pit bull fighting). Bob:  Part of the human problem is that we 'soften' what the Bible says to us...I do it also.   I am sure that He would think using the mutilation of animals for pure entertainment is not what he created them for. But that's another topic altogether. Bob: 
I agree.

PETA is over the top. Clearly their hearts started out in the right place, but they got a little off-track with some kooks and oddballs at the helm, I think. "Ethical Treatment" does not mean "no treatment, free roaming, let's get the dogs back to the wild". Animals have jobs to do, whether it's companionship, police work, transportation or even to provide food for us. It's how we approach the use of these animals that concerns truly ethical animal rights groups.  Bob: 
Thanks for a well thought out response.

S Writes:

I HIGHLY DOUBT IN BIBLICAL DAYS THAT GOD INTENDED HIS CREATURES TO BE TREATED THE WAY THEY ARE IN MASS PRODUCTION SLAUGHTERHOUSES NOW.  Perhaps this is the view animal rights extremists are taking, and perhaps you should reconsider what the argument is, and why it is there.

Bob:  S - these are Biblical days...and I am not sure what you exactly mean.  God did require the slaughter of animals at one time...is it just mass slaughter or something else that you find offensive?