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Animal welfare is a term which derives its meaning from a Judeo-Christian philosophy which is continually promoted throughout the Bible: Animals are here to be used by mankind for their benefit to include, but not limited to: food, clothing, health, utilitarian use, pets [and entertainment]. This use does not include any kind of misuse or abuse of an animal.  Christians firmly believe that it is OK to have a hot dog at the football or basketball game, however, it is not OK to leave your pet in a closed car while you are shopping on a sweltering hot day. We believe in what has become termed "wise use" of the earth's resources which God has placed here for our good and pleasure.

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The following is a 'not very exhaustive' list of sites that may benefit you in your search for the truth.

The first must be a good Bible search tool. For those of you who would argue that the Biblical sourcesare inaccurate, please look up the passages for yourself!

The  sites listed  below are provided for your information and convenience only. Their listing is not an endorsement of this webpage, nor am I making any kind of representation on their behalf.

The Blue Letter Bible is located at http://blueletterbible.org- you will really enjoy using this for study!

The other Bible search tool is http://www.biblestudytools.net. This site has a wonderful list of commentaries you may find useful.

You can also find the Reformed Church of America [best explained as the Dutch equilavent of the Presbyterian church of America.  The RCA originated in the Netherlands and the Presbyterian church originated  in Scotland at: http://netministries.org/rca/reformed.htm. This site goes a long way in explaining where I "am coming from."

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Additionally, you will find the following resources wonderfully helpful and full of information:

The best animal site is found at http://www.naiaonline.organd you can get the latest Resolution to Congress to fight animal rights/eco-terrorism. Also you may want to research the AWC site located at http://www.animalwelfarecouncil.org.

Want to know about medicine and how it really works - just look at the following two sites:

> Americans for Medical Progress http://www.ampef.org. Here you can get updated on all the recent acts of the extremists upon the community as they attack responsible animal research.

> Foundation for Biomedical Research http://www.fbresearch.orgis another site devoted to responsible animal research.

Of course, we cannot forget pets:

Best the Cat Fanciers Association: http://www.cfainc.orgwill help you with all aspects of your feline.

The American Kennel Club http://www.akc.org. I believe this site barks for itself.

Like snakes? http://www.cfhs.comwill help you with any reptilian question you may have.

Articles exposing animal rights from may be found at http://www.capitalresearch.org-- an absolutely wonderful resource in exposing animal rights for what it is. These people have no "iron in the fire" other than to expose organizations that need it!

HOT TIP - Also, an organization just on the scene is http://www.consumerfreedom.com- WOW this one REALLY gets a thumbs up!

HOT TIP -www.animalrights.net, created by Brian Carnell to debunk the AR movement. He's rather good at it and an excellent resource for keeping up to date on what the activists are up to. Thanks to A.R. for this tip!

The Animal Industry Foundation which represents has a nice publication for anyone wishing to gain a better understanding of modern animal agriculture and its contributions to the public's quality of life may be found at www.aif.org.

Need to know about wildlife? Try looking at: www.wildlifedamagecontrol.com/politics.htm


PE02086A.gif (1977 bytes)    Reading Resources

Set Up & Sold Out [Find Out What Green Really Means], Holly Swanson 

     You may order Holly's book from the website: www.anow.home.ml.org

The Hijacking of the Humane Movement [Animal Extremism], Rod & Patti Strand

     You can reach the author through the NAIA website listed above.

Animal Rights: The Inhumane Crusade, Daniel T. Oliver

     You can reach the author through the Capital Research site listed above.

In Defense of Hunting, James A. Swan